Monday, February 26, 2007

Testing.... Testing...

This is a test.

I’d love to know if you’re reading my blog, so I’d appreciate it if you’d click on the Comment button at the end of this posting and drop me a line. That’s all. If you want to tell me who you are and why you’re reading my blog, so much the better.

Have you missed me? I’ve been out of e-circulation for a good three weeks now (I just coined that word e-circulation, btw, so maybe I can claim to be first!). On February 4, I took an overnight train to Dharwad, which is a city in the adjoining state of Karnataka (I’m in Andhra Pradesh). On the Tuesday and Wednesday of that week, I lectured in Dharwad at Karnatak University before taking another overnight train to Bangalore. Thursday and Friday I lectured at Bangalore University. Then, early Saturday morning, February 10, I took off from Bangalore airport on a direct flight to London. I stayed overnight at the Tavistock hotel near Russell Square.

In the meantime, my wife, Marilyn, was on her way to London from the United States. I made sure I was at Heathrow when she arrived. Her plane was nearly five hours late! Poor Marilyn looked understandably frazzled. Not only was the journey horrendous; to make matters worse, her checked-in baggage had been left behind in Chicago.

We both hate traveling by air and now we have further evidence of what a diabolical way it is to get from point A to point B.

Some generous TLC was in order, so we holed up in the Tavistock for the next three days, recovering from jet lag and taking in some of the London sights. Wednesday the 14th, Valentine’s Day, we took a train to Stoke-on-Trent, which is near where my mom lives. The following day, Thursday the 15th, was her 98th birthday.

We found her in great spirits and in great shape. She bossed everyone around, as usual. It was just like old times, if you’ll pardon the pun. After lunch at a local restaurant in Stone, we all came back to her place, where she blew out a few candles on her birthday cake before opening her presents.

We rented a car in Stoke-on-Trent and, the day after mom’s birthday, Marilyn and I tootled off to the West Country, taking in Land’s End along the way. We had a great time, staying at the best hotels (one night at my brother, Anthony’s, generous expense) and eating whatever we pleased for a change. It was wet a lot of the time, and chilly, too, but we enjoyed the warmth of each other’s company after so long apart.

All too soon, our two week stay in England came to an end and back we went to Stone to visit some more with mom and to prepare for our return, in Marilyn’s case to the United States, and in mine to India.

So that’s why I’ve been out of e-circulation, folks. Now click on that Comment button and drop me a line, OK?


Rafat said...

you're being read by an young aspiring fulbrighter.

Paula - (UPJ Alum) Brooklyn said...

I have been worried that you havent written. I am enjoying your adventures. Wait until you get back to UPJ and tell everyone your stories. Be well!

susan said...

Dear Bernard,
I'm reading your blog because we are vastly interested in everything you are doing in India, and, of course, because we love you! I'm so glad you had a good time. marilyn certainly said she enjoyed the trip and that you two will never be apart this long again. Hear, hear! Love, Susan

Anonymous said...

Hi Bernie :)
Of course I'm reading your blog!!
Beckie :)

Paula - UPJ alum from Brooklyn said...

I commented yesterday but nothing happened. Glad to see all is well and I enjoy reading of your adventures ... if only Johnstown could be that exciting! Be well and I look forward to many more adventures and insights!

Anonymous said...

I am a Fulbright Program advisor in the US.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Poole, my name is Kelly Livingston and I was a student of yours last semester at UPJ. I read your blog frequently and love hearing all of the new adventures. I hope you are doing well and enjoying your time in India,we sure all miss you at UPJ. Take care

Karen Scanlon said...

Hi, Bernie,
With all that has gone on here this term, this the first time I've had a chance to look at the blog. I've looked at all your entries. The photos are gorgeous and the text feels like I am hearing you speak. We certainly do miss you at UPJ! India is so fortunate to be sharing you this term. My best, Karen

Joyce said...

Sorry to have to wait until Spring Break to have a chance to read your blog! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. You are an inspiration, Professor Poole! Be safe! See you next semester at UPJ!

bg said...

Bern: I'm catching up on your blog, which I do enjoy. I last wrote before your London trip, but didn't hear from you then. You were no doubt too busy preparing for vacation. What a wonderful experience you seem to be having, meeting so many people, seeing so much of the country, and contributing so much to their Tech. in Ed. programs. But one question: Since it's so hot there, why do you always wear long sleeves, even in the classroom? Take care.... Barbara G.

Mary Ellen said...

I recently found this blog while perusing the UPJ website.
I am a UPJ alum and a former student of Mr. Poole's. I graduated WAAAAYYY back in 1988.
I too had a stint working overseas. 1991-1993 I worked at my then-employer's parent company in Toulouse France. Awesome experience. Since then I've married and have 3 beautiful kids and live in Northern Virginia.
Check out my Family's Blog:
-Mary Ellen (McCaver) Bowman