Friday, March 2, 2007

Games people play

There appears to be an up tick in games activity on campus these days. This may simply be a perception of mine based on the fact that the daytime temperature has increased significantly on what it was when I first arrived in early December three months ago. I don’t know if the hostels have air conditioning, but if not, perhaps the students are more inclined to spend the evening hours in the cooler, breezier outdoors.

It could also be because I go for my walks later. For all I know, the students always have come out to play in the early evening time. But it was chilly in December and January, in the evenings especially, and I think sport was more of an indoor thing. They sometimes had basketball matches in the Sports Stadium next to the running track, for example.

Whatever the case, there's a lot more going on outdoors these days, so much so that I have to organize my walk so as to avoid the milling crowds of students, especially on the sports fields and along the road that fronts the hostels. Many students also can be seen, singly or in clutches of two or three, sitting cross-legged in the walkways where I pass by, often in isolated, out-of-the-way places, their notebooks and textbooks spread out around them as they study to prepare for the many tests they have to take.

I'm an easily recognized figure on campus now--and not just because I'm this weird, lop-sided white guy who wears a funny hat to protect his chrome dome from the sun. I've taught many of the students, even those outside the School of Education, because of guest lectures that I've given in the Engineering, Science, Business Management, and Humanities areas. So during my walk, I'm constantly being greeted as I steam on by and, of course, must extend my greetings in return.

The pictures here illustrate some of the activities that go on all around. Just now cricket is very popular. The girls are as competitive as any boys I've seen play the game. India, like many countries, now has a women's cricket team. There's nothing men do that women can't take on, too. We men just have to learn to wrap our heads around that idea and get used to it.

The closeup picture of the girls shows the uniform they wear for PE (not including the baseball cap!). I made a movie of one of the 100 meter races, but the blogger won't post it, so I've just included some still clips.


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